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Side wall Conveyors are not limited to 15° or 20° inclination like a conventional in-plant belt conveyor.  They can lift the material from 0° horizontal to 90° vertical.  Urethane Cleats or pockets carry the material between special corrugated sidewalls.  The specially designed reinforced belt has extra cross rigidity that is necessary on the return side

Advantages :

  1. No Transfer Points from the feed hopper to the discharge point,
  2. No Spillage with Steep Angle Conveying Once material is loaded onto the belt it is effectively contained between the Sidewalls and is prevented by the cross cleats from falling back.
  3. Maximum Utilization of Space in areas where land is at a premium
  4. Minimum Maintenance, Long Belt Life in comparison between mechanical elevators.
  5. Wide Range of Materials can be Handled with the extensive range of belt sizes available,
  6. Low Power Requirement, Quiet Smooth Running.