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Pipes, Supports & Racks


• A pipe support is a device designed to carry the weight of the pipe, any in-line equipment and the material in the pipe over a defined span.
• Pipe supports used in high or low temperature applications.
• The overall design configuration of a pipe support assembly is dependent on the loading and operating conditions.
• Supports absorb system weight and reduce : Longitudinal pipe stress, Pipe sag and end point reaction loads

PIPE Racks :

• Structural steel pipe racks typically support pipes, power cables and instrument cable trays in petrochemical, chemical, water treatment & power plants.
• Occasionally, pipe racks may also support mechanical equipment, vessels and valve access platforms.
• Main pipe racks generally transfer material between equipment and storage or utility areas.

Modeling & Detailing
R3 have been modeling and detailing pipe supports and racks, modular, pre-engineered pipe racks enable fast, efficient construction of multiple types of pipe racks and supports in various industries.

Our Service Includes :

• 3D BIM Modelling & Clash detection
• DXF Files for plate work
• Generating tender models.
• Erection plans.
• Structural analysis & reports.
• General Arrangement drawings.
• Layout drawings.
• Fabrication drawings.
• NC Files for cutting & drilling.
• Base plate & Anchor plate details.
• Material lists / Take-offs & Tonnage estimations.
• Anchor bolt drawings.
• Connection and Joint details.
• Bolt List