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Since 2010 R3 has been designing and detailing conveyor systems, structures, transfer towers for global markets.  Whether you are a company with your own detailing office, a fabrication facility or an one-man operation we can provide your design and detailing needs.

We provide cost-effective shop floor drawings with DXF & NC files to reduce lead-time.  We have skilled and specialized mechanical drafting and design team members headed by an Engineering Manager with 15 years of`Australian drawing office experience.

Our Service Includes

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Generating Tender Models
  • Conveyor Calculation reports
  • Structural analysis & Reports
  • 3D BIM Modelling & Clash Detection
  • Layout drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Base plate & Anchor plate calculations
  • DXF Files for Plate work
  • NC Files for Cutting & Drilling
  • Erection Plans
  • Material /Take-Off lists & Tonnage Estimations
  • Anchor Bolt Drawings
  • Connection Details
  • Bolt List

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) service provides our clients with an intelligent 3D model, and we carry out a virtual construction analysis to test for construct ability and potential conflicts.  This analysis allow us to accurately predict how various equipment’s and structures will integrate on-site, thus eliminating costly time delays due to onsite clashes and design changes.

Expand your Business:

With our Engineering and drafting capabilities, we help our clients to enhance their business by introducing new equipment’s into their product line.  We provide significant cost savings to projects by utilizing local Engineers, modelers and detail draftsmen, which helps our clients to win projects.

Saving time

Overall design time reduces when people are working on your project in shifts, reducing project lead-time. Moreover, if any urgent design changes are to be made in Australia or Europe, would be addressed by following morning benefiting from different time zones.

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